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We’ve all had the robocalls or the ugly automated emails when we only wanted the ‘case study’ on how to sell better, code better or reach our audience more effectively. That’s what I refer to “Automation Gone Wild!” As the integrations become larger and the number of platforms increases, the more difficult it is to get a comprehensive view of the customer experience. That’s where we help. You will get a full understanding of your customer’s journey from suspect to client.

Automation Gone Wild!

Too much email, not enough value
Too much email, not enough value

Automation for your marketing & sales processes have never been so plentiful.

  • Some believe, ‘if you are not automating, you aren’t growing.’
  • Not everyone has a scaling communication problem and in fact those that do, automating technology doesn’t help if it’s not properly looked after and maintained.
  • The problems start when automation goes rogue, either an employee leaves, products/messaging are updated and automation is not, or worse there’s a disconnect between sales & marketing.

Automation isn’t doing what you need if your goals aren’t being met.

Christina Crawley – Dir. Marketing, Forum One

Automation solves problems

Not happy prospects
Do you help prospects in their journey?

The question is, does it solve your problems or your prospects? Marketing and sales teams spend a lot of money on attracting suspects, turning them into prospects, engaging them through their journeys and on the automation of those processes. The Sales Enablement industry is valued at over $18Billion! Ironically, enough the outcomes seem rather self-serving. The interest is “selling” someone, not helping them on their journey. Is the goal to get a raving fan or an email open stat?

“They call it marketing automation but frankly it’s only automating mass spam email and customer communications.”

~ Former CBA & Foxtel CMO Andy Lark

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