About Project SalesShifu

I started this project because I saw a very bad trend in Sales. Especially, in high velocity, scaling startups. Automation gone wild. Whether you call it Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, MarTech, SalesTech, it doesn’t matter. It’s anything that companies use to scale their outbound communications to suspects, prospects or clients. In the real world, we mostly call it spam. Hey don’t get me wrong, there are some companies out there that send relevant, meaningful, timely and educational communications. But those are few and far between and thus we call it spam.

Insights are lost, so is attention!

Information and insights are lost. This is because too many companies are not aware how their buyers and clients see them. My goal with Project SalesShifu is to shed light on the buyers’ view of the companies they want to interact with.

A better way

The better brands understand how their buyers view the brand the more likely the brand is to get the business. Better brands use effective outbound communications to inspire customers. In addition, the brand gets a raving fan, which today people talking positively about your brand the better. But you have to start with the individual buyer journey before they become a client. A buyer’s view of the brand is formed and cemented during the prospecting and buying process. I use the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Natural Language Understanding to collect and parse data.

A little intuition goes a long way

In addition and more importantly, I use my basic understanding that buyers are people and people don’t want to be treated as a number. We are individuals and don’t want to be tricked by automated emails or robocalls. Project SalesShifu helps identify your automation tracks and how a buyer will see you during their journey to becoming a client.

Who is behind project SalesShifu?

Hi! I’m Bernie Selvey. I bought this domain originally because I am a student of Kung Fu and Sales. The Kung fu tradition of a Shifu is instructor and the term shows respect for the person’s skills and experience. That’s where the name came from. Another huge passion of mine is technology. I’ve been part of a handful of startups over the past 2 decades. From Bootstrap to business to exit, I’ve experienced it.