New to Sales? Learn how to sell faster

Are you new to sales? Trying to find the best way to sell? Maybe trying to find the fastest way to learn how to sell?

Well, slow down! Becoming a great sales person doesn’t have fast. It doesn’t happen over night, in a week or a month. It takes time. It takes guts to know you will fail. But if you have the right attitude and can learn fast and I mean really fast, you can make it and make it big in the sales profession.

Selling is a unique profession, because we don’t study sales skills in grade school, we don’t learn about the skill of persuasion in high school, in fact, only a handful of colleges and universities in the US even have ‘Sales Degrees’. So, it’s really on you to learn, try, refine and repeat. You need to find what works best for your personality, your risk tolerance and communication style.

Recently, a client I was working with mentioned, his ability to try skills, tactics or specific in a safe environment helped him close the largest deal in his division’s history. He wasn’t timid or uneasy about trying something when speaking with a client because he had already practiced a dozen times before. Just like learning a musical instrument or practicing like an athlete would, in order to perform in high pressure situations, you must rely on your training and coaching.

Practicing with a coach allows you to make mistakes where you can learn from them with no negative impact. Allowing you to perform at your maximal skill level when it counts the most, in front of prospects and clients.

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