Today’s Sales Tip – Be different, clear and convincing

Today’s Sales Tip – Be different, clear and convincing

Do your prospects ask, ‘what do you do again?’ or ‘I don’t get it, can you explain that again?’ after you explained what you do?

Do your prospects ask, “It’s this just like {fill in name of alternative solution}?”?

Both of these scenarios are ones that lead to frustration and the end of a lot of sales calls and careers. How do we change this trend? What can we do differently?

That’s it precisely. Do it Different! It’s not about what your company can does or can do, it’s how you do id different that matters. If you save your clients money, guess what so do hundreds of thousand other companies, who cares. Do you save your clients time? So do all your competitors.  It’s what you do differently that matters and your ability to clear explain this is what will win you more sales and a bigger paycheck!

A great read on this chapters 4 & 5 from The Challenger Sale. If you haven’t read it, read it now. To start, focus on one question, Why should people buy from you over all the other options out there? You can learn the other skills in the Challenger methodology, but being able to Clearly and Convincingly let your prospects know ‘Why they need to buy from you!’, will give you a good foundation for any conversation.