Today’s Sales Tip – Be Thankful today, sell tomorrow…

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I hope everyone is able to spend time with loved ones. Holidays are a great time of year to catch up with friends from the past, connect with family and loved ones that we may have been too busy throughout the year to catch up with. We get to talk about what’s happened since we last saw or talked them, which was last Thanksgiving.
As a Sales Person, you can’t just reach out to your client when you have a new feature, new deal or promotion, or when the contract is going to renew. This shines through as shallow and provides little value to your client. Ultimately, our call as Sales People is to become a resource to our clients. To be able to share market insight, share what you’ve learned from other clients or even competition, talk about future needs and where your client is going.
One great way to prompt these conversations is to call your client and Thank them for their business. Now is not the time to do it, because every vendor is doing now. It’s what you are supposed to, if you are going through the motions. Wait until the end of January or February and just call your client and say, Thank you! Don’t ask for a meeting or go into a pitch. Just simply, “Thank you for your business and continued commitment.”
You will be acting and perceived differently than the competition. This is how you get viewed as a valuable resource and get the business.