Today’s Sales Tip – Best Cold Call Script Ever

Today’s Sales Tip – Best Cold Call Script Ever

OK, this is more of an outline, but you’ll only need to fill in the blanks. Firstly, ask yourself if your cold calls are failing because of what you are saying or how you are saying it. Both are extremely important. If you answered it’s ‘HOW’ I’ve been saying it, than you need to practice speaking in a compelling and convincing manner. That is just repetitions and can be fixed with some effort. If however, you answered ‘it’s what I’ve been saying’, than this article will help, but you will still need to practice and the best way to do that is to call a friend or colleague.

So jumping in. Firstly, remember this is about how you can help the person you are calling, it’s not about you selling anything. Secondly, make sure the people you are calling are people you can help and make their lives better. Thirdly, do it.

Before you pick up the phone, do a quick Google and LinkedIn search for your prospect and company. Find something that you can compliment the prospect on. Maybe it’s a promotion, maybe a challenge they are facing because of new regulations, maybe it’s a website update, anything to provide a compliment. People will always like to be compliment, just make sure you are authentic. If you are faking it, they will know.

Now script:
– when the prospect picks up the phone, say, “This is {Your Name} from {Your Company}”. Then shut up! Don’t speak until the prospect after the prospect speaks. They will say something like, “ok, how can I help you”, “What can I do for you?” or something along those lines.
— The PAUSE is extremely important. This allows you to stand out from every other cold call the prospect gets.

– Now to use what you learned about the prospect and/or their company. If they just had a work anniversary congratulate them, if they have an article on Linkedin mention it, whatever you learned use it to build Rapport.

– After some quick pleasantries, use your positioning statement showing that you are familiar with their industries or how you have helped others that may be in similar situations (Think Challenger Sale!) Something like this, “We work with Sales Executives to help get their new hires into the field and making sales faster.” Now the most important part is to end this with a CONCISE question. “What do you currently do to train and coach your sales people to get them to the field and selling as fast as possible?”
— This gets the prospect talking about what and how they do it. Remember write out about 5 or 6 questions and have them in front of you. This will allow you to keep the conversation going and when you get to a point that the ‘hook has been set’, ask for the appointment to dive deeper.

That’s it. Pretty simple. Have questions or want to know more? Reach out and let’s talk.