Today’s Sales Tip – Keep Moving

Today’s Sales Tip – Keep Moving

Basic Concept: Moving is much more effective than standing still

The concept of continuous movement in Kung Fu allows you to be more difficult to see and more importantly to make contact with. You want to move in and out, side to side, angle to angle. This is how you become more difficult to influence and predict. When done after proper practice, movement and shifting weight prevents you from getting hit.

In #Sales, keeping the conversation moving allows you to learn more about the prospect’s current and desired situation. Asking open ended questions to prevent the conversation from stalling, is one method great sales people use to keep the conversation going. With proper practice and the use of best practice demonstrations, you will be able to ask questions, answer them and then ask where your prospect stands on what you shared.

Sometimes you just need to ‘Go with it’

Depending on your sales cycle, your prospect may go out of the business conversation. Instead of fighting the prospect and pulling them back into the conversation. Go with it and use the momentum to build rapport and then guide the prospect back to the business conversation.