Today’s Sales Tip – Easy to do Productivity Tip

Meditation is more than just sitting around chanting mantras. It’s more than trying to sit still and do nothing. It’s been proven that just like physical training, the more meditating you do the better it is for your mind and body.

A 2012 study showed that regular mediation could increase focus by changing the way the brain functions. This ability to increase focus is a result of quieting the wandering thoughts and leads to improved cognitive performance.

By increasing our focus we are able to stay on task longer with less self inflicted interruptions whether we are doing prospecting, call prepping or practicing we need to do to improve and crush our goals and quotas! It all starts with practicing, whether your practicing one of the many forms of meditation or practicing your fundamental verbal skills to deliver compelling and convincing presentation.

Don’t think that something as simple as counting your breaths can change your brain function? Skeptical that learning how to control your thoughts can be done with as little as 10 mins a day? Give it a try. I use an app called . The free version of this app allows you to everything you want to do to get started and there is no advertising. Double win. Most importantly, you get introduced how to meditate with a guided meditation and how to focus on your breathing.

Keep practicing and keep improving!