Today’s Sales Tip – Run towards discomfort

Today’s Sales Tip – Run towards discomfort

Now more than ever, learning and growing is required. If you want to stand out in the crowd and from all the competition, you have know something they don’t. You have to put yourself in a position that will not be comfortable. You have to challenge yourself and your status quo. You must do this voluntarily. 

All of these statements are actions that Rainmakers, Captains, Leaders and all other game changers do. They chase discomfort. Whether it is pushing for one more rep in the gym at 5am. Running that last half mile on the evening run. Practicing your differentiating factors using client focused language. These are examples of what top athletes, business leaders and the top sales people do everyday. 

In order to grow, whether physically to become stronger or mentally to make your verbal communication more concise and compelling, you must first step outside your comfort zone. This is more difficult for some. If you stay within your comfort zone, you can’t grow beyond what you know or have experienced. Being comfortable is nice. It’s nice to sit on the coach and watch TV. It’s nice to send 100 cold emails and know that 4 people will reply. It’s great to stay in shape and know you are one of the best at your chosen profession. As the old saying goes, “You’ll need to do more to stay on top, than what it took to get there.”

Chase discomfort

Very few people that I’ve interviewed over the years enjoy discomfort. All of those interviewed like the results of chasing discomfort! You can chase the discomfort by waking up earlier to get to the office 30 minutes before your colleagues. Or by working on the weekends, evenings or while on vacation, all to stay ahead of the competition and our buyers. 

It’s well documented that when you are lifting weights and looking to build your muscles, you actually tear your muscles apart first. After your muscle tissue is torn apart, then your body starts the process to bind the muscle tissue together to build bigger muscles. It’s this process that is uncomfortable, but is necessary for those that are looking to go into body building or just want to add some muscle bulk. 

Sales is no different. If you want to grow in sales, you’ll need to first understand where you are at and where you want to go. If you want to be the top sales person and you currently are last on the team. You will need to face the fact that you are last on the team for a reason. What is that reason? You’ll need to understand and accept that reason before you can strive to be the best. More than likely those at the top are great communicators, able to differentiate from the competition and are assertive at asking questions that lead to a close. If you want to be at the top, you have to first start acting like it. 

Do what those at the top do

Being the best at something is great. Many people want to be the best, but those same people don’t always want to make the sacrifices or put in the work to be the best. That’s just not how life works. So, if you want to be at the top, act like and do the work required. Even if it’s not comfortable or makes you feel like you don’t know anything. 

Top sales people put in the time to practice and learn. They practice their communications skills writing for blogs, their personal brands or industry leading media outlets. They get out and talk with people in their industry. They prepare for every call. They have an agenda and a goal for every interaction with a client. Top sales people will have 5 to 10 easy to answer questions ready at all times. Sales leaders will have a practice coach or practice partner to practice with. They put stories in the voice of successful clients. They know the competition and why they are better than the competition. Most of all, they are always looking for ways to stand out. Ways to be different and outside their comfort zone. The reason is they understand and accept that being outside their comfort zone is the only way they will grow professionally and financially. 

Want more? Do more!

If you want more, you’ll need to do more. Sometimes that means doing more with less. You have out work and hustle your competition. Whether your competition is a competitive product or company or just the leader board in the break room, you need to hustle more than your colleagues. You need to do more than be comfortable. You need to be uncomfortable in order to excel and grow.

Get out there and do one thing that is uncomfortable and sets you up to grow either personally, professionally or financially. Just remember start small and celebrate the small wins. Larger wins will come.