Today’s Sales Tip – Tension is good for sales

Today’s Sales Tip – Tension is good for sales

Creating tense in a conversation will separate the successful sales people from the mediocre sales person. It takes great skill and acute attention to your prospect to do this with out the prospect feeling uncomfortable or making them angry. Most inexperienced sales people will not create tense because they don’t want to ‘upset’ the prospect, but really it is because they don’t have confidence in their ability to bring the prospect back.

You need to create tense in the conversations, this will create a reason for the prospect to act or respond. This in turns lets you know where the prospect is. You can create tense by using fear, uncertainty or doubt about what your prospect’s competition is doing, what their customers are doing or the market is doing.

When done properly, creating tension follows with the conversation and gives the prospect a reason to ask what they can do to avoid feeling the way they feel. When done improperly, the prospect gets confused, scared or angry. Do it properly, prospects don’t buy when confused, scared or angry.

Here are some tips to get better at creating tense in conversations, some of this is straight out of the Challenger Sale:

  1. Make sure you have the rapport and credibility to bring tension into the conversation.
  2. Present your insights to the prospect. This enables them to look at the problem differently. When done right, all roads point to your solution.
  3. The tension must be between the prospect and their problem.
    Make sure you Know your prospect and know their competition. Know what the market segment your prospect is in is doing. Know what your prospect’s competition is doing. Share your insights of how the competition may be get an advantage.
  4. Remember this is delicate and must be delivered with care after a lot of practice. When done right, it’s great and inspires prospects to act, when done wrong you piss the prospect off. So, practice!