Today’s Sales Tip – What not to do when using Sales Stories

Today’s Sales Tip – What not to do when using Sales Stories

“We remember what we understand; we understand only what we pay attention to; we pay attention to what we want.” – Edward Bolles

When telling sales stories, just remember your customer must have someone they can relate to. Preferably the person that made the right decision in hiring you to solve a problem or made an opportunity.

Keep it interesting

You will want to keep the story interesting, concise and easy to follow. Most importantly, you want to keep your story interesting. Talk about how you helped clients make money. How their jobs are easier because they work with you. How your clients see working with you is different from working with other vendors. Avoid talking about how your clients missed opportunities because they didn’t listen to your insight. You also don’t  want take all the credit for successes. Those successes are a product of you and your client deciding to work together. Not because you told them what to do.

Stay on point!

You should not be to long winded in telling your story. One way to check if you story is too long, is to record yourself and listen to it. If the recording doesn’t keep your interest or doesn’t sound interesting to you, you can bet on your client/prospect thinking the same.

Keep it simple silly

Keeping your story on point and concise will also help with the last don’t. Do not make your story complicated with alot of details. Research shows that most people are only able to hold about 7 details in their short term memory.  You can script an outline of the 5 to 7 details that are most important to the prospects and build your story around those.

If you avoid these 3 common mistakes when sharing your sales stories with prospects, you will be on your way to be memorable in your prospects mind.