Today’s Sales Tip – Why and How

Today’s Sales Tip – Why and How

There are many skills you will need to be successful in sales, but one of the most important is asking really good questions. These questions must get the prospect talking, they need to be in a conversation format and most important they need to allow you understand the Why and How.

We all know that we need to more listening and less talking on sales calls. To do this we need to ask questions. Questions that make the prospect feel we are the experts and working to completely understand what the problem is. These questions must be part of the conversation, they can not be an interrogation. The reality of this, is it is very easy, if you shut up. Remember people like to talk more than they like to be talked to.

I think we can all agree our prospects know more about their companies than we do or ever will. This is single biggest reason we need to ask questions about the company, the person and the objectives. Most importantly asking the questions, Why and How, will separate you from the mediocrity sales people your prospects deal with everyday. You will need to understand Why.
– Why did you want to talk to me?
– Why are you doing what you are doing?
– Why did you choose the solution you have now?

and How.
– How are you doing things today?
– How did you come to decide to do it that way?
– How long have you been doing it this way?

Obviously, there are many other Why and Hows, but this is a good start to get your creative juices following and trying to ask these questions and better understand if you can help your prospect.