Today’s Sales Tip – Be Confident!

Today’s Sales Tip – Be Confident!

Twitter is great for teasing, not for communicating the bigger value.  This is an attempt to expand on the tweets that go out.
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You must be confident and compelling when speaking prospects and clients. If you don’t believe the solution, they won’t either.

This is relatively straight forward, if you don’t believe in what you are selling. I have a few questions for you:
– Why are you selling it?
– Is this legal?
– How can you expect anyone else to believe in what you are selling will help them?

Now that we are past that, if you do believe in what you are selling. Are you effectively communicating that verbal and with your body language? Here are some tips to make sure you are speaking and acting in a convincing and compelling manner:

  1. Practice what you will say.

    Practice again and again and make sure to practice in front of someone. This can be and is very awkward, but without doing it, you will use ‘umm’s, ahh’s, like, you know, stutters’ and other bad habits that everyone does when they are making things up on the fly. Not everything has to be planned out, but you should know what the focus of the interaction is (see tip#2).

  2. Make sure you know the goal of the interaction.

    If you have a goal, you can work towards that goal, even if the goal is have another call or closing the sale.

  3. Know why other clients have bought from you.

    There has to be something more compelling than, ‘we are cheaper. Even if you main value proposition is cost effectiveness, there needs to be a why to back it up.

  4. Sit up right, pay attention and listen.

    If you have good posture you will be perceived more confident and you will be more compelling. Don’t believe me go in front of a mirror and slump your shoulders forward. What do you think? Then pull your shoulders back, pull your chin slightly down to your chest, so that your spine is straight from your backside through the top of your skull. Now what do you think?

There are many other tips for appearing and sounding compelling and convincing, but these four will get you on the road to discover what works best for you. Even if you are in inside sales, following these simple tips will make you sound more confident on the phone.

Remember sales about you being a trusted adviser, helping your prospects and clients make their lives easier in some way.

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