What’s more valuable…learning about new behaviors or doing new behaviors?

This is a kinda of a loaded subject, because how can you implement new behaviors without learning about them? So, that aside, the point is that it is not enough to learn or understand, that’s just on the front of the journey. You need to implement and adapt new behaviors to your profession. This is the only way to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

As far as learning about or understanding new behaviors when it comes to sales, there is no shortage of options. You have everything from the traditional sales training approach: Sandler, Carnegie, MHI, and many, many others; online you can find anything on YouTube (don’t get distracted by the skateboarding dog videos), where you can find Victor Antonio, Grant Cardone and many others for free!!; lastly, you have books and my, oh my, do we have sales training books. Books to train you, train your manager, train your company owner….there are more books offering more advice to learn and understand.

The one fundamental flaw with all these options is that how do they help you implement what they are preaching? How do you know if you are doing the Challenger sale correctly? It’s a great book, well laid out and easily understood, but how do you get feedback on whether your are implementing it correctly or effectively.  That’s where coaching services come in handy. Though coaching is expensive and I can tell you for a fact that there is no one out there giving free sales coaching! (If you do find one, let me know!)

Ultimately, no matter how you get your knowledge books, live events or online, you will need to implement this knowledge and probably do some kind of evaluation from time to time to insure it is effective. How do you do this? As Nike says, Just Do It! After you give it a good effort at least 10 times or so, evaluate your results, if you are not getting the results you want tweak things and do it again. Just like in life, there are constant course corrections, so big, so small, but rarely do you just ‘stay on track’.

Don’t wing it. Plan it, but understand your plan may change halfway through your first try. You have to be ready to roll with it. From my 15+ years experience in sales and account management, I’ve found that little goes as planned or follows a specific process to close. Your plan needs to be ready to adapt. Adapt or Die is the motto for the US Marines and makes sense in business too! Adapting doesn’t mean abandon your plan, it just means you may need to make adjustments to account for real world situations. Heck, as I’m writing this I can think of a half dozen situations where I fell flat on my face because I was so worried about following the process that I was taught.

Lessons Learned:
– learn a little and try it, implement it, adapt or change as needed
– find someone, a professional coach, teammate, family member anyone that can give critical, but positive feedback about habits and behaviors
– Do it. Just Do It! You will need to be ok with being uncomfortable, that is how we grow. We need to push ourselves a little more today than we did yesterday.